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Area and Carpark

Our roadway lighting products provide optimum safety and security to outdoor areas
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Building features are enhanced with crisp illumination from our architectural range
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The precise illumination of our LED commericial range provides reduced glare for a pleasant work ambience
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The bright even illumination of our Industrial range speeds production, and avoids on the job accidents
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Latest LED Technology

SunLED Industries provides economical exterior, industrial and commercial lighting solutions using the latest high performance LED lighting technologies and practical design strategies. 

As a result of this approach we are able to reduce the overall finished construction cost of numerous applications and commercial construction projects.

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Dedicated Customer Support


Together with our professional services delivered by qualified industry experts we can provide complete service reliability designed to exceed customer expectations.

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NEW Product Releases

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Modular Suspended LED Highbay
Queen 1


Microprismatic Surface Fixture
Lord 4 Industrial

Lord 4 Highbay

High Power LED Highbay
Spider 4

Spider LED

Round LED Highbay
Stealth2 6

Stealth II

Mid Power Area Light


High Output LED High Bay
Large Eagle13

Eagle Eye

Mid to High Power Area Light


Spec Grade LED Bollard


Hi Cutoff LED Wallpack
Turret Mod A13

Turret Mod/A

Round Bulkhead Front Diffuser

Our Services

SunLED Industries are LED lighting distributers and designers specialising in exterior, industrial and commercial applications. You can view the full range of services by clicking on the services menu or links below

  • Lighting design and consultation
  • Sales and customer service support
  • Road and sports lighting
  • Cost analysis and reverse engineering
  • Renovation and retrofits
  • Modelling and 3D rendering
  • Lighting strategy reports
  • Energy saving calculations
  • Financial and payback analysis
  • Due diligence and witness consulting
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Sunled Industries; The Name You Can Trust

It is certainly evident that we take “Lighting” for granted. Why wouldn’t we, after all, it is all around us. Whether in a Commercial, Architectural or Industrial Setting, the fact that “Proper Lighting” makes everything much easier is indeed undeniable. The importance of “Lighting” can be perceived by understanding the fact that we comprehend about 85 percent of the entire information through our sense of sight. Correct lighting can deliberately help in reducing eye fatigue and even headaches – favourably preventing workplace hazards by increasing visibility

Sunled Industries; a Team of Professionals in the Lighting and Construction Industry

We at the Sunled Industries are a team of professionals that are exceptionally qualified and equipped with thorough factory training in the Lighting and Construction Industry. We strive to be one of the preeminent lighting wholesalers in the USA with a passion for a systematic client-orientated services allowing our professional staff to tailor the services we excel in, in such a way that fits the client’s budget and fulfils their needs

Sunled Industries; Sorting Out Your Lighting Solutions

We, at the Sunled Industries, are thoroughly aware of how important is it to be fortified with a proper Lighting Solution. Being regarded as a premium lighting Services Provider, our Electrical Design Engineers are trained to provide a highly economical solution when it comes to exterior, industrial and commercial lighting. Founded in 2012, the impeccable services and uncompromised products have steadily increased our client base. Not only are we equipped to be one of the leading Lighting Wholesalers in the USA, but the combined efforts of our expert Electrical Design Engineers in the Electrical Consulting Industry has also made us understand the client’s needs; providing them with a service that goes way beyond expectations

To Fulfill your Lighting Needs, SunLED Industries Has Taken the Lead

Our experts at Sunled Industries are aimed at providing Lighting Solutions that are beyond excellence. Utilizing all the latest high-performing LED lighting technologies, our team of proficient Electrical Design Engineers are consistently working to providing you with solutions based on proper design strategies that are thoroughly practical. By utilizing this approach, Sunled Industries has significantly been able to diminish the entire cost associated with the finished product and overall installation

What sets us apart from the rest is that we excel in providing an overall Lighting Solution. Not only do we provide our esteemed customers with a unique set of services, but also leading products that are significantly sourced from prominent manufacturers spread across the globe including USA and Italy. Backed by a far-reaching quality testing service and impeccable warranties for complete customer satisfaction, our Lighting Solutions are specifically tailored to fit your budget; significantly maintaining industrial standards found nowhere else, guaranteed 

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